Square status - United States

Update - The issues causing Friday's Cash Card declines have been resolved. Transactions are flowing as expected, and all balances should now be in sync.

We're aware that some customers are having issues viewing their Cash Card in-app, and are working on a solution. Your Cash Card will become available automatically as we fix this.

We'll be back with a final update soon. Thank you for your continued patience.
Feb 16, 06:37 PST
Monitoring - Cash Card transactions are beginning to be processed as normal, and all new payments will be successfully completed.

We're aware of some balances being out of sync, and are hard at work to correct them. Your balance will automatically be corrected as we roll out a fix.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. Thank you for bearing with us today.
Feb 15, 19:26 PST
Update - We're still working to resolve the issue causing some customers to experience declined Cash Card transactions. Your balance will be restored to normal once this issue has been fully resolved.

We're deeply sorry for the trouble this has caused, and we truly appreciate your patience.
Feb 15, 16:34 PST
Identified - We're continuing to investigate an issue causing some Cash Card transactions to be declined. As soon as this issue has been resolved, your full balance will be restored. We'll return with another update as soon as possible.

We're very sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.
Feb 15, 14:10 PST
Update - The root cause of this issue is still being investigated. Please do not re-attempt any failed transactions in the meantime. Any duplicate or declined transactions will be adjusted once the issue has been resolved. Thank you for your patience.
Feb 15, 13:02 PST
Investigating - We're currently experiencing an issue causing certain Cash Card transactions to be declined. We're aware of the issue, and are working hard on a fix.

If you've attempted a Cash Card transaction during this time, we ask that you wait before attempting to dispute it. We will adjust any duplicate or declined transactions as needed, as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience as we work to solve this issue.
Feb 15, 12:19 PST
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Feb 2, 2019
Resolved - Open Tickets are performing as expected, and sellers who use multiple devices with a single Square account can access any open ticket from any logged-in device.

We truly appreciate your patience today as we worked on a solution.
Feb 2, 11:53 PST
Monitoring - Our Engineering Team implemented a fix for the issues impacting Open Tickets syncing. Sellers who are set up with Point of Sale and Square for Restaurants should now be able to access saved Open Tickets across all devices at their business location.

We'll keep a close eye on the status until this issue is fully resolved.
Feb 2, 11:27 PST
Identified - We've identified the root cause for the Open Ticket syncing issues. Some sellers who are set up with multiple devices on Point of Sale or Square for Restaurants may still only be able to access an Open Ticket on the device where it was created.

We're working to restore the ability to access saved Open Tickets across all devices at a location. Sorry for the disruption—we'll report back with more details soon.
Feb 2, 10:25 PST
Investigating - We're investigating reports that some sellers' Open Tickets are not syncing across multiple devices. We'll return with an update as soon as possible.
Feb 2, 09:57 PST
Resolved - Thank you for your patience while our team worked through the backlog of payments. All payments have been pushed through and the transaction history is now up to date. To confirm the status of a payment, please check your Activity section in-app or at Cash.me.

Thank you again for bearing with us while we worked through this issue.
Feb 2, 06:53 PST
Update - We're still actively processing the backlog of payments from earlier this afternoon. If you've sent a payment, and it's still showing as pending, please refresh the Activity tab of your app as it can sometimes help push a payment through. Open your app > tap the clock icon in the upper, right corner > pull down to refresh.

Along with processing the backlog of payments, we're still actively working to update the transaction history section of the app. We expect this work to be ongoing over the next few hours, but will post a final update to the status page once everything is up to date.
Feb 1, 19:56 PST
Monitoring - Our team has confirmed that full connectivity has been restored, and customers should no longer experience a connection time out when attempting to send a payment. We are continuing to process the backlog of transactions that accumulated this afternoon, and update the Activity tab accordingly. Please do not reattempt any pending transactions.

We will return with a final update once the issue is fully resolved. We truly appreciate your continued patience and support today.
Feb 1, 17:19 PST
Update - We’re seeing improvements in stability and traffic flow, though some customers will still experience a connection timeout when attempting to send a payment. Payments will process in time, so please do not reattempt a pending transaction. Cash Card and Bitcoin transactions are processing normally.
Feb 1, 16:38 PST
Identified - We’ve identified the cause of the issue with Cash App. As we work to get things back to normal, some customers may still experience delayed payments. In the meantime, there is no need to resend any pending payments. Thank you again for your continued patience and we will provide an update as we have more information.
Feb 1, 15:35 PST
Update - Our team is still actively investigating the connections issues from this morning.

We’re working on a fix, but in the meantime some customers may still be encountering pending payments, transaction history, and balance updates. Again, please don’t re-try any pending payments as they will update appropriately, as will delayed balance and transaction history updates.

We appreciate your continued patience while we work on a resolution.
Feb 1, 15:16 PST
Update - We’re making progress on the connection issues that some customers are experiencing with Cash App.
Customers may see delayed payments, transaction history, or balance updates. At this time there’s no need to re-attempt pending transactions or Cash Card payments if you don’t see it up to date in-app. Everything will be updated to show your correct balance and history and there’s no need to re-try any pending payments.
We will continue to post updates here as they become available.
Feb 1, 14:01 PST
Update - We're continuing to work to resolve some customers' connection issues with Cash App.

Some customers may experience delayed payments, transaction history, and/or balance updates. There is no need to re-attempt any pending transactions at this time and your balance/transaction history will update accordingly.

We'll continue to post updates here and thanks so much for your patience.
Feb 1, 12:51 PST
Update - Some Cash App customers may still be experiencing delayed payments. If you've attempted to send or receive a payment and it's pending, there's no need to retry. We're working to get payments caught up and we'll be back with more information soon.
Feb 1, 11:45 PST
Investigating - We're investigating reports of connection issues related to Cash App. For now, please do not try to resend any pending payments. We'll be back with an update as soon as possible.
Feb 1, 11:04 PST